More than Enough

It’s been awhile since I last listened to Pastor Bong Saquing’s preaching on YouTube. I know I’ve been busy about a lot of other things that I tend to forget that as a Christian, I should not be stagnant but I have to be equipped with the word of the Lord.

I have always admired Pastor Bong’s dedication to his ministry and his preaching always hits the right buttons in my life. I was browsing over CCF’s youtube channel when I came across this sermon entitled: More than Enough. See link:Β (

I knew from the very start of the message that this is exactly what I need. The message speaks about trusting God, being CONTENT, being happy, giving, serving God, and being satisfied with what God wants us to do.

I keep on ranting about all the negativity that I am facing at this moment and I tend to forget the main reason why I am still here, on why I am still alive.

Thank you Father God for today’s realization and for using other people to constantly remind me of your goodness and faithfulness in my life.

“True CONTENTMENT is found, not in having everything you want, but in not wanting to have everything.”

Amen. Be blessed!